Are you curious about the spooky tales surrounding the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool? Many visitors wonder about the paranormal activity reported at this historic location. Let’s dive into the mysteries and stories that surround the adelphi hotel liverpool haunted reputation.

The Haunting History

  1. Eerie Encounters: Over the years, guests and staff at the Adelphi Hotel have reported various ghostly encounters, from strange sounds and flickering lights to full-bodied apparitions.
  1. Historic Significance: The Adelphi Hotel, dating back to 1826, has a rich history filled with tales of tragedy and mystery, adding to its reputation as a haunted hotspot.

The Ghostly Guests

  1. George: One of the most famous spirits said to haunt the Adelphi is George, a former night manager who sadly passed away under mysterious circumstances. Guests have reported hearing his footsteps in the corridors late at night.
  1. The Crying Girl: Another commonly reported apparition is that of a young girl who can be heard crying in the hallways. Some believe she may be linked to a tragic event that took place at the hotel many years ago.

Investigation and Experience

  1. Ghost Hunts: For those brave enough, the Adelphi Hotel offers ghost hunts and paranormal investigation experiences, allowing visitors to explore the spooky side of this historic establishment.
  1. Personal Experiences: Many guests have shared their own chilling encounters at the Adelphi, adding to the hotel’s haunted lore and intrigue.


The Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool has earned a reputation for being haunted, with numerous reports of ghostly sightings and unexplained phenomena. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the stories and history surrounding this iconic hotel make it a fascinating place to visit. Would you dare to spend a night at the Adelphi and see if you can uncover any supernatural secrets for yourself?